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Seronera Public Campsite

Seronera Campsite is the chain of small campsites found  at Seronera River Valley, which are Pimbi Campsite, Tumbili Campsite, Nyani Campsite and so on, The Campsites are found in the central of Serengeti and accessible by road and air. It is not far from airstrip where one can land and transferred to the campsite. Most of campsite needs are available; also there is taping water which attracted many nocturnal visitors, including lions and hyenas.
It has well maintained toilets and regularly attended and hot water showers (heated by wood fires) and firewood can only be brought from town or Karatu, mostly you should expect to go for sometimes without shower.  Cold shower can be taken.  Seronera River Valley, an area known for sheltering the elusive leopard, a lion pride and cheetah, the migration stop here three times a year since there is enough water and food. The area is also more heavily visited so you should also see more tourists around this area. Wild animals frequently visit the campsite which is not fenced, you should move with caution. Our Guide choose best campsite out of many in this area to avoid the most crowded one.